Making of the film
The idea of making a film about the wildlife of Karkonosze goes back to the year 2007. Initially, together with my wife, we thought of this project only in terms of educational material, and what is more limited only to birds. After the initial period of planning, thinking through the project and aquiring necessary permits, as well as purchasing equipment, we went ahead with the shooting of the film. It started at the beginning of 2009. I expected that it would take one to two years to take sufficiently good shots of a few most characteristic birds of the Karkonosze. Of course, I was wrong… Life proved it to be a greater challenge - in spite of our vast knowledge of the filmed species and the area, it took nearly seven years.

With time, I realized that we could go outside the framework of typical educational material and create a more universal and artistic picture. In my mind appeared different, more or less avant-garde concepts. The film started to evolve into an image of the natural world of the Karkonosze.